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COMPACT rotary lobe blowers up to 200 kW

Space-saving design – with flow rates up to 93 m³/min

  • Plug-and-play
  • Easy access to all connections, saves space and allows side-by-side installation.
  • Suitable for outdoor installation

Rotary lobe blowers – Large packages up to 250 kW

Impressive performance – with flow rates up to 160 m³/min

  • The optimal machine design saves time and effort for initial installation and also makes maintenance and future modifications quick and easy.
  • Can be used with medium voltage motors up to 6,600 V

Rotary lobe blowers – Single blocks

For installation in OEM system solutions

  • For highly diverse applications – from vapour compression in vacuum distillation and applications in the fine vacuum range to nitrogen conveying.
  • Also suitable for mobile applications – e.g. mixing, tanker and suction vehicles
  • Intake volume of 5 to 160 m³/min at pressures up to 1 bar (g), or 0.5 – 0.9 bar (vacuum).

Rotary screw blowers up to 250 kW

Premium performance and efficiency – quiet and always ready

  • The high-efficiency SIGMA profile – now also available in the blower product sector
  • Optimal pulsation damping and low-noise operation
  • Plug-and-play, ready-to-run package with power supply and the very latest control technology

Turbo blower

The ideal accessory for rotary screw blowers

  • 150 and 300 kW
  • Wear-proof, particulate-free, high-speed motor magnetic bearings
  • for an unlimited number of motor starts

Aftercooler / heat exchanger

For highly effective process air cooling or heat recovery

  • With air or water as a coolant – depending on the location and cooling requirements
  • Enables conveying of heat-sensitive bulk goods
  • Recovered process heat can be used with ease.