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"It's right there" – Compressed air at a fixed price

With the SIGMA AIR UTILITY operator model, you will secure a reliable supply of compressed air tailored to your needs – practically at the push of a button: You simply give us a few square metres of floor space, and we'll take care of the rest. Instead of investing in a complete compressed air station, all you pay for is the compressed air you actually use.

Here's how Kaeser's SIGMA AIR UTILITY operator model works:

  • We'll analyse your compressed air needs and draw up an individual concept – based on what is required.
  • Next we will build, install and operate the compressed air system.
  • Our Kaeser Teleservice, the logistics centre and our extensive global service network ensure that compressed air is available at all times.

With the SIGMA AIR UTILITY operator model, you pay a fixed basic price that covers an agreed quantity of compressed air. When larger amounts are needed, a fixed contractual price applies for the additional quantities used. All prices remain in effect for the entire duration of the contract, which means no price increases.

Your advantages

  • No compressed air worries: We offer everything from a single expert source: from the analysis of your compressed air needs to the machines and service. That lets you and your personnel concentrate fully on your core tasks.
  • From fixed costs to variable costs: Investments in a compressed air system are no longer needed. Your employees will have time for other tasks. That means: You have more liquidity, are saved from tapping into your working capital and have greater flexibility in deploying your personnel.
  • A system scaled to your needs: A competitive market brings ups and downs. Are you cutting back your output, or perhaps stepping it up? Are you relocating your operations? With SIGMA AIR UTILITY you can remain flexible. We will adjust your compressed air supply to your needs.